Welcome to My New Travel Blog

First day, first blog

To travel is to live.

– Hans Christian Andersen

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

I’m Kalpana from Singapore. I rather be addressed as Kay which is much easier 😃

Here’s my social media on travel stories etc

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Instagram- @kalpanachandran

Email – vintage232009@gmail.com

I love traveling, photography, exploring and also a foodie. I would like to share my experiences through this blog and hope y’all like my thoughts and sharing.

Thanks for the support !

Reflections from a run

I have not been running often lately.

Some days are sucky some days makes me exhausted from so much thinking. Running have always keeps me fit and also made me do some reflections.

Like for now, I’m sitting at a park after run, typing this post.

I had to stop to admire the beautiful cotton candy clouds, wondering how beautiful they are but filled with water droplets in the inside, feeling heavy and that’s when it’s ready to ‘cry out’ (rain).

I felt like that. Full of heavy emotions inside but never express out. Once the ‘bottle’ have burst, that’s where I break down. No bursting out loud now ’cause I felt so good after this 🏃🏼‍♀️

Took some shots and would like to share 🙂

Adios !


Nefelibata means ‘cloud walker’ in Portuguese.

I love looking at the sky, especially clouds.

They speak of many meanings, not sure about others but in my opinion, I see a different perspective in my life.

When I’m on flight, I always get a seat at the window to admire the clouds.

So dreamy you would say 😁

It teaches me to be free, open minded and to understand how life works if we make a change.

Never hold on how others think of you, be yourself 😊


Upcoming trips

Excited for my upcoming trips this year.

Planning for a solo trip to Vietnam (10days) and Korea trip with my girlfriends for two weeks. Exciting !

Anyone care to share any places/food to check out? 😁

I’m also planning for Thailand but I have already covered Phuket and Bangkok. Any places in Thailand that is interesting to go to?

Thank you for sharing in advance 😊


A quiet 30th😇

I really had a bad start of the day.

Wishing I could just disappear.

I had friends cheering me up and I’m so blessed for that.

I had a group of friends surprised me with balloons, cake and a great company.

Ending the night with 2 more hours.

Thank you for those who had me in your thoughts😊


Turning 30 today. It’s gonna be a quiet birthday like the rest of the years. The past few months has been a difficult time for me. I have been stronger each time I get through with obstacles in life.

It’s a life changing event for me at 30. A lot of things have changed. My only wish is to travel forever.

If only I wished …

Cambodia was like Home

I have been travelling to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for the past 8 years. Spending time with the children, my sponsored son(I started to sponser a teenager whom I knew for 8 years) and great friends. Going back was always fulfilling for me.

I kept thinking about the children over there and how much I missed them. Time have been always slow and precious, I liked that. Coming back to Singapore was fast paced and I kept zoning out during work times😅

These children always in my heart and mind❤️

Opening up

Few days ago, I shared on my slightly closed depression (or first stage of depression?) in Instagram. I have decided to open up and share my thoughts at that period.

I started to show symptoms such as I couldn’t sleep and eat at all, assuming that no one will understand my situation and I just couldn’t talk to anyone about what I feel. When asked if I’m alright, I have always said that I’m good.

I never had a good family support and with all the issues that I’m going through in this family made it worse for me. I tried ways to come out of this family by travelling. That’s why travelling is so important to me. It gives me a better life (in my opinion), helping me to clear my mind and and trying to be a better person.

I have great friends. They never fail to check on me at times but I started to assumed that they wouldn’t understand me so I stopped sharing. This made me go crazy. So I decided to see a counsellor, once only.

She said I have shown signs of depression. I was able to share with a stranger whom I don’t even know than people I knew too well. I’m trying to find ways to understand myself, still learning to.

I have known some friends who have said that I need someone in my life to share as I’m lonely. Now it’s their turn to assume I guess😒 oh well, I’m not lonely and how am I gonna take care of that person when I’m trying to help myself mentally? For some, it sounds easy but not for those who are dealing with their inner self.

I kept emphasising travelling being important to anyone. I love walks and runs to keep me happy. Looking at the sky, especially clouds makes me feel like being free, floating away from everything. Those who are going through like me, do what your mind says. Never get discouraged on people’s sayings.

I hope I find a closure soon. Thank you for reading this post 🙏🏼


P.s all photos credit from my blog were taken by me😊

Being single, good or bad?

I came across this post and shared in Instagram. I have always wondered if I will ever get married 😂

Jokes apart, I agree to this post. In my opinion (currently singlehood life rocks) or anyone wouldn’t want to marry a wrong person. We all believe in love but what if love was misused in a wrong way? Being trusted is another thing.

I’m gonna turn 30 on the 23rd of June. For some time, I do have thoughts if I will ever meet someone who I could spend my life and travel with. Sometimes I’m happy being alone. I’m in a confused state at times 😂 some people think that I’m having a sad and lonely life. Actually, I’m not. I have great friends and have spent my time enough to keep myself occupied.

For now, I will say ‘go with the flow’. Waiting for my Namja (man in Korean😂) can be tiring though.

Adios …

Friyay or just Friday?

It’s Friday and I don’t feel the goodness like how I have always feel in my younger days. Getting older already? 😅

I feel so drained, mentally. I really don’t know why. Tired of the lifestyle in Singapore and with people (sorry to say that but not really sorry 😏)

If only travelling was a job and I would be happy to take it. Waking up in a new country would be much more exciting definitely.


What you can do for 3 days in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hi y’all! Would like to share what you can do in Cambodia, where to eat, stay and explore in Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s busy capital, sits at the junction of the Mekong and Tonlé Sap rivers. It was a hub for both the Khmer Empire and French colonialists. On its walkable riverfront, lined with parks, restaurants and bars, are the ornate Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and the National Museum, displaying artifacts from around the country.

Flights can be cheap depends on where you are and what flights you’re taking. I usually take Jetstar Asia. They do have promotions every Friday so you might want to keep a look out for that. I usually stay in a friend’s place but I could recommend some simple 3 or 4 stay hotels.

  • Arrive Phnom Penh (PP)

– I usually take the afternoon flight so reach Cambodia about 3.25pm Cambodia time.

-Its safe to take the tuk tuk but asked for a fixed price and not a metered one.

-do also take note of your belongings, very important, a lot of thieves and snatching !

  • Check in at townview hotel


– it has a good location for nearby attractions and also 8km from airport.

-it’s a very simple room, if you’re intending to have a place to shower and sleep only, then this will be the hotel. If you’re a fancy person, you may also check out a new hotel that opened this year.

  • The Lumiere Hotel


Next stop will be checking out places that’s rich with history. It can be disheartening seeing the displays but we will also learn to appreciate people and our country.

  • Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
  • Independence Monument
  • National Museum
  • Killing fields

So remember to check out the timings on opening hours before going to your location.

  • Food (my favourite 😬) and shopping !

Food and shopping can be cheap if you shop at the right places and if you are good at bargaining which I suck at it😅

  • Russianmarket
  • Orussey market
  • Night market
  • Central market
  • Restaurants at Riverside
  • Brown cafe

if you’re more of enjoying local food, you should try the street food! It’s savoury!

  • Fish amok

  • Lok Kak

  • Ice coffee with milk

    • Balut (I don’t dare to eat this. It’s an embryo of a duck🤭)

  • Anything at a night market ! This is definitely Yummy!

  • Noodle soup – any meat with noodles are to die for!

Hope you like this little research that I have done. So have a fun trip to PP. Please do let me know if there’s anything that y’all would like to know.

Adios !